Theory Test


All pupils have to pass the Theory test before they can apply to take their practical test.

Waiting times vary dependant on the time of year but I advise booking as soon as possible as the practical test wating times are usually a lot longer.

What is in the theory test?

Pupils have one hour to complete the test which consists of:

  1. 50 theory test questions. Pass mark is 43/50. Click this link to take a test.
  2. Hazard perception test which is made up of 14 videos where pupils have to identify hazards as early as possible. Pass mark is 44/75. 

What do you need to do?

  • The test takes 15-25 hours of study.
  • Purchase one of the many online APPs.
  • I recommend the following site  

The secret to passing this test is completing the revision.

  • Ask me for some useful hints for the hazard perception section of the test.